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Cyprus Association of Civil Engineers – New Website Design & Development

12 Jan 2015 | Categories: Company Activities

eVenzia is proud to announce our new partnership with Cyprus Association of Civil Engineers for the design and developer of a new responsive website! Project Description: The new website will be build from scratch. the website will inclu...Read more

5 metrics every marketer should be watching

10 Jan 2015 | Categories: Marketing & Branding,Social Media

You can always rely on Einstein to give good quote. One of his most famous quotes accurately sums up the biggest challenge of digital marketing measurement: “Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.” The interne...Read more

5 brands that defy social media best practices

10 Jan 2015 | Categories: Social Media

Brian Honigman is a marketing consultant, speaker and freelance writer. For more insights on how to be a better marketer, sign up for Brian Honigman’s weekly newsletter. This post originally appeared on the his blog.  Pablo Picasso famously remarked, ...Read more

Twitter Reportedly Prepping New Ad Scheme

10 Jan 2015 | Categories: Social Media

Twitter is reportedly planning to spread its ads to third-party sites here you thought because you were wise enough not to get involved with Twitter, you would also escape the long arm of its advertising schemes. The joke may be on you. The Wall Street Journal is re...Read more