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5 ways to keep customers engaged before they slip away

22 Mar 2015 | Categories: Social Media

shannon is the Chief Content Officer for CloudPeeps, where she crafts words, creates strategies, and recruits loyal brand advocates. She’s also the founder, hand-curated songs delivered to your inbox, and an enthusiast of live music, su...Read more

How to move readers to share your stories

22 Mar 2015 | Categories: Social Media

Barry Feldman is a content marketing consultant, copywriter, social media advisor and more. This post has been adapted from an original version on his blog, Feldman Creative. I spent some serious time messing with the headline above. It’s a good one, but I...Read more

How to avoid losing users after the first visit

22 Mar 2015 | Categories: Marketing & Branding

David Arnoux is Head of Growth at Twoodo building the future of teamwork. He’s also a Growth Evangelist at Growth Tribe. Follow him on Twitter or G+. This post first appeared on the Twoodo blog.  How do you get users to fall in love with your product on the...Read more

How I got 6.2 million pageviews and 144,920 followers

22 Mar 2015 | Categories: Marketing & Branding

Ali Mese is a freelancer, wanderer. He sends growth tips on Growth Supply and freebies on Freebie Supply. Say hi on Facebook or Twitter. This post originally appeared on his Medium blog. I will get straight to the point since I have so much to share. Lo...Read more

Which website builder is right for you?

22 Mar 2015 | Categories: Technology, Design & Web

Web design tools — WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, and dozens of others — are popping upeverywhere. Some of them claim they’ll let you build a site within minutes. Others claim they provide all the power of Photoshop plus native code combined. Ultimately, these tool...Read more

Atelie Signs – New Website Design & Development

22 Mar 2015 | Categories: Company Activities

eVenzia Technologies  is proud to announce once again a launch of new responsive website design to our repeated client Atelie Signs LTD. The new website will help visitors within local and international market to find all the necessary information to help them bu...Read more

Report: The CIA has been trying to hack into the iPhone for years

11 Mar 2015 | Categories: Technology, Design & Web

The ongoing Edward Snowden revelations just keep making it clear that the US government wants access to absolutely every means of communication. The Intercept reports that the CIA has been on a long-term mission to hack into the firmware of Ap...Read more

Facebook removes ‘feeling fat’ status option over body-shaming complaints

11 Mar 2015 | Categories: Social Media

Following activists’ complaints and numerous petitions, Facebook has removed the ‘feeling fat’ option for users in status updates, reports The Washington Post. A Facebook spokeswoman said, “We’ve heard from our comm...Read more

12 steps to mastering your company LinkedIn page

09 Mar 2015 | Categories: Marketing & Branding,Social Media

When it comes to social media, lately I’ve been surprising myself by how often I’m turning to LinkedIn. With the addition of LinkedIn Publishing, there seems to be more awesome content on the business social network than ever before. I don’t think I’m...Read more