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How and when to post on social media

29 Apr 2015 | Categories: Social Media

So much of digital marketing these days is about producing high-quality contentthat gets published and shared. You can control the publishing part. Can you control the sharing part? Sharing begins with promotion—the timing, targeting, and strategy behind solid dist...Read more

PayPal is making it easier to shop online with One Touch payments on the Web

29 Apr 2015 | Categories: Technology, Design & Web

PayPal has extended its One Touch payments feature to the Web. You can now make payments using a single log in on any site that accepts PayPal. The service is available in the US today and will be rolling out internationally over t...Read more

ETEK – Custom eShop Design & Development

21 Apr 2015 | Categories: Company Activities

eVenzia is proud to announce our partnership once again with our existing client ETEK for the design and developer of a new responsive eShop website! Project Description: The objective of the new eshop is to promote ETEK seminars, purchase books and allow ETEK member...Read more

The basics of branding: How to make your business iconic

17 Apr 2015 | Categories: Marketing & Branding

In a free market world where companies fight for market share and recognition, your brand can be your most valuable asset. It helps you stand out from competition, gives your company a clear sense of place and purpose and it’s an important element ...Read more

Designing websites that mirror how our eyes work (part 2)

17 Apr 2015 | Categories: Technology, Design & Web

When users encounter text-heavy pages, their eyes can follow the F-Pattern, a subject we covered in-depth last week. But what about pages that are more visual? This week, in the second part of our design series on creating websites that mimic how our ...Read more

The Web-monitoring check-list: What you should be watching

17 Apr 2015 | Categories: Technology, Design & Web

For most of us, when we think about website monitoring we think about the basics: how many people are visiting our site, social network activity, how many customers are buying our products and so on. While this basic information is important, it is j...Read more

11 ways to maximize engagement on your tweets

17 Apr 2015 | Categories: Social Media

This post originally appeared on the Buffer blog. For gaining more engagement, clicks, retweets, and replies, Twitter images work. It’s why we created Pablo—a simple way to create social media images in under 30-seconds—and it’s why we love sharing all t...Read more

The 12-point social media checklist for writing amazing posts

17 Apr 2015 | Categories: Social Media

This post originally appeared on the Buffer blog. This post originally appeared on the Buffer blog Before you hit the Publish button or send an update to the queue, what do you do? Quite often, I find myself publishing instinctively and sometime...Read more