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Want to Be a Better Negotiator? Get Emotional

22 Ιαν 2016 | Categories: Μάρκετινγκ & Εμπορική Ταυτότητα

Taking a cutthroat approach isn’t always the best way to get what you want when negotiating, new research finds. Bringing emotion into negotiations often elicits compassion from the other party, making that person more likely to develop sympathy and, in t...Read more

HairGen Center – New Website Design & Development

21 Ιαν 2016 | Categories: Company Activities

We are pleased to announce that HairCen Center  has selected eVenzia Technologies for designing and developing a New Responsive Website acheter du viagra fr. Main Project Highlights: The website will be in 2 languages (English & Greek) Information related...Read more

Big Data: What Does Your Business Really Need?

13 Νοέ 2015 | Categories: Μάρκετινγκ & Εμπορική Ταυτότητα

As a business owner in the modern world, you’ve probably heard a lot about Big Data in recent years. Maybe you’ve even started using it to inform your business decisions. But because of the enormous volume of data being generated every day, it’...Read more

10 Facebook Marketing Mistakes You Need to Stop Making

13 Νοέ 2015 | Categories: Μάρκετινγκ & Εμπορική Ταυτότητα,Social Media,Technology, Design & Web

You know how to use Facebook on a personal level, but do you really know how to take advantage of it for your business? It may seem like a low-maintenance platform, but there are a lot of ways you can go wrong on Facebook. It’s not just about sh...Read more

Bad Boss Behavior Starts at Home. All you need to know

13 Νοέ 2015 | Categories: Μάρκετινγκ & Εμπορική Ταυτότητα

It often isn’t work inside the office that causes bosses to berate their employees, but rather problems they’re facing on the home front that dictate their bad behavior, new research finds. Having family issues spill over into the workplace is a major factor in...Read more

CaterMetal – New Website Design & Development

13 Νοέ 2015 | Categories: Company Activities

eVenzia Technologies  is proud to announce our new partnership with CaterMetal LTD  for the redesign and development of the existing website. We would like to take this opportunity to thank CaterMetal for putting their trust in us. We are a passionate team that ...Read more

5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Marketing Budget

10 Σεπ 2015 | Categories: Μάρκετινγκ & Εμπορική Ταυτότητα

critical element to any successful small business is developing an effective marketing plan. While larger businesses have the ability to invest massive amounts of resources into their marketing efforts, most small businesses don’t have that luxury. Th...Read more

How to design websites developers won’t hate

10 Σεπ 2015 | Categories: Technology, Design & Web

For the best visual precision, every Web design project eventually requires fully-composed mockups for each page and interface. Informed by technical constraints, these mockups must act as collaborative visual design documents for regular discussions with develo...Read more

6 design trends taking over the Web that you need to know

04 Σεπ 2015 | Categories: Μάρκετινγκ & Εμπορική Ταυτότητα,Technology, Design & Web

We’re already halfway through 2015, and in the last few months we’ve seen many trends come and go. What has not gone, however, is the deliberate movement to get back to the basics without unnecessary features. The days of cluttered pages overflowing with information...Read more