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5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Marketing Budget

10 Sep 2015 | Categories: Marketing & Branding

critical element to any successful small business is developing an effective marketing plan. While larger businesses have the ability to invest massive amounts of resources into their marketing efforts, most small businesses don’t have that luxury. The k...Read more

How to design websites developers won’t hate

10 Sep 2015 | Categories: Technology, Design & Web

For the best visual precision, every Web design project eventually requires fully-composed mockups for each page and interface. Informed by technical constraints, these mockups must act as collaborative visual design documents for regular discussions with developer...Read more

6 design trends taking over the Web that you need to know

04 Sep 2015 | Categories: Marketing & Branding,Technology, Design & Web

We’re already halfway through 2015, and in the last few months we’ve seen many trends come and go. What has not gone, however, is the deliberate movement to get back to the basics without unnecessary features. The days of cluttered pages overflowing with information ha...Read more

6 Web design mistakes (and how to correct them)

27 Aug 2015 | Categories: Marketing & Branding,Technology, Design & Web

It happens to everyone at some point: You look back on a website design and realize that you made a mistake. And we’re not talking about a misplaced comma. You see a full-scale can’t-believe-you-did-that kind of design faux paus. While you can’t go back in ...Read more

How to brand yourself and your business

27 Aug 2015 | Categories: Marketing & Branding

Branding is often seen as something mysterious, and the power of building a strong brand is underestimated. How often have you heard someone saying that they have more important tasks to focus rather than taking the time to build a brand strategy? We asked Debbie La...Read more

How Facebook should be designed

25 Aug 2015 | Categories: Marketing & Branding,Social Media

Facebook’s design has been widely discussed among designers and users, and I’ve seen plenty of criticism: “Why is the design of Facebook’s desktop site so bad?” “Facebook has a deeper problem than just Vine/Twitter” “Do anyone else find Facebook to have an ugly...Read more

CYMAT – New Website Design & Development

14 Aug 2015 | Categories: Company Activities

eVenzia Technologies  is proud to announce our new partnership with CYMAT Building Materials LTD  for the redesign and development of the existing website. We would like to take this opportunity to thank CYMAT for putting their trust in us. We are a passionate team tha...Read more

Diaper Ways – Online eShop Website

27 Jul 2015 | Categories: Company Activities

We are pleased to announce that Andronikou Group of Companies has selected eVenzia Technologies for designing and developing a New Responsive eShop Website. Main Project Highlights: Huge collection of Diapers to purchase online Online Registration Online payment system (JCC & Paypa...Read more

10 essentials for local SEO success

13 Jun 2015 | Categories: Marketing & Branding,Technology, Design & Web

Search engines have been working hard on fine-tuning their algorithms to provide high quality search results based on location. Google is the best covered in the industry, with its Pigeon update launching in July 2014 and rolling out to UK, Canada and Australia in Decem...Read more